Sunday, March 16, 2014

I have a social life I have a social life

I hate pretending that I'm not just a hated ugly person. I hate pretending that I have a social life. I hate having a social life. I hate being obsessed with my social life. I hate myself. I have a social life. It's all a sick joke that someone created to hurt me. I have a social life and I hate it. I'm better off alone. I'm better off lonely. I'm lonely and I have a social life. That never changed. I hate people because they're not smart. I hate people who judge and force classifications on me. I'm probably more important than John Lennon. I'm probably never going to be famous. I'm too bizarre. I'm too awkward. I don't have social inhibitions I have social hatred and social break downs and social anxiety. "You know I care about you." Two of the same aunt. Sure you do. Dreams. Dweams. Dweamz. One of these is a misspelling. Help me out for a change. Help me out for change. Help me out for a laugh or to make yourself feel good. I'm always a dog or a cat or a rabbit or some other typical pet. A rabbit isn't lucky that's why I said rabbit. What? Are you trying to dramatize my life? The whole car ride alone with you I wanted to cry but you wouldn't care. You'd probably tell someone. I wish she liked me. I wish she didn't think I was serious. I wish I could feel better. FEEL. better. /////. I need to stop pretending my life isn't a lie; a joke. I wish someone understood me. Do you understand me? Are you always going to be far away? Will I always need you? Remember I write songs? I don't care. They're all terrible. They're sketches by a four year old stuck in a seventeen year old body YOU'RE LATE. Stop trying to make a big deal outta it, homie. I know it didn't make a difference. Corn. Beef. Cabbage. You hate me. YOU hate me. YOU ARE APPALLED by me. I always wish I could be home but home is just a house built by a man who tried to hurt me. I thought I'd write a song but i thought it wouldn't mean as much I have a social life I have a social life I have a social life gotta be above it psychedelic break thru that can't be stopped without glue that can't be stopped without you whose eyes are blue. ???. YOU KNOW, I'M NOT SURE YOU DO. Watch your tone, missy. I'm not a girl on the inside or the outside but I wish I could be sometimes but everyone thinks I need to get that checked out but I don't think that I'm crazy I think I'm just messed up and I want to swear all day and I want to run in the streets and swear. There's nobody there, of course. There's nobody there.
I have a social life.

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  1. you have a way with words, kiddo.